Student Transitional Year - All-Inclusive Program Packages/Bundles for Schools

Middle School Orientation Package (7th Grade)

COPE2Thrive now provides all-inclusive program packages/bundles designed to quickly equip schools with the resources required to handle the unique needs of students' transitional years.


Other program packages available (click each link for more information):

This all-inclusive package includes all program delivery training and materials required for four instructors to deliver the COPE program to up to 220 students. Program instructor training typically takes less than five hours to complete and materials are delivered upon completion of training (and receipt of payment).

Individual manual-based programs are also available starting at $385 (click here for more information).

7-Session Children Student Manual

7-Session Children Student Manual

Each 7th Grade Middle School Orientation Package includes all of the following:

Discounted Price: $2160 (priced separately: $2540) - About $10/student

2,160.00 2,540.00

Additional program packages and manuals available at regular prices.

Parents seeking a program that their teen can take online from home should go to this page.