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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you have a program that my child can take online from home? 

Q: Do you have an online program for children under 13-years of age?

  • A: Not at this time.

Q: Can parents purchase a manual-based program?

  • A: The manual-based programs are designed for providers, school and healthcare/counseling professionals who want to deliver the program to children/teens in a group, classroom or on-on-one basis. Parents seeking a program for their teens to attend should purchase the online version of the 7-session Teen.

Q: What's the difference between the manual-based and online self-delivered version of the 7-Session Teen Program?

  • A: The manual-based program is delivered by a provider (nurse, teacher, counselor, etc.) directly to the teen on a on-on-one basis or in a group/classroom setting. The program teaches coping skills using a hard-copy student manual. The educational online-based, 7-session self-delivered program is delivered over the internet directly to the teen. The program teaches the same coping skills as the manual-based program using an interactive multi-media interface that does not require an instructor.

Q: Whose email should I use in the purchase/registration form when purchasing the online program?

  • A: The registration instructions will be sent to the email provided in the purchase/registration form, so it depends upon who you would like the instructions to go to. You can use a different email to register for the program online when you begin the class.

Q: Who can utilize the online educational 7-session self-delivered program?

  • A: You should be at least 13 years of age and must be a resident of the United States or Canada to utilize this program.


Providers, Schools and Professionals

Q: How are you different from other companies that provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training?

  • A: We offer all-inclusive programs (including instructor training and materials) delivered using standardized student manuals and concepts, ensuring that all components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are covered with patients despite any differences in a provider’s background or method of delivery.

Q: I am a provider (school administrator, teacher, nurse, pediatrician, counselor, etc). and want to deliver the program. Which program should I purchase?

  • A: The manual-based programs are designed to be delivered by instructors just like you and include all training. You can also purchase the online-version of the 7-session program as a stand-alone program for each teen, or as a supplement to the manual-based program. The online 7-session teen program is a self-delivered educational version of the 7-session manual-based program and does not require an instructor to deliver the program.

Q: Do you provide grants for piloting the program at my school or facility?

  • A: We do not provide grants, and are not affiliated with any grant-funding organizations. However, you can find a list of various organization (not all-inclusive) that may be able to help on this web page. Also, we are very happy to provide you with any additional information you might need to help you when filling out the grant or funding application form. Let us know how we can help!

Q: What is a provider?

  • A: A providers is a school, university, primary care practice, healthcare system, or individual who provides a variety of services to their customers, and may have purchased a COPE2Thrive (COPE) program for use in their organizations.

Q: Do you have a publicly-available list of providers who have purchased the COPE programs?

  • A: No. We do not maintain or publicly distribute a list of providers/instructors who have purchased and deliver the COPE programs for use in their organizations. COPE2Thrive LLC is not affiliated with any providers.

Q: Is COPE2Thrive LLC a provider?

Q: How do I obtain a Program Delivery License?

  • A: The Program/Instructor Delivery License is issued to the person who has purchased a manual-based program package, completed the online instructor training, and completed a practice delivery session.

Q: What does the Program Delivery License allow me to do?

  • A: The license demonstrates that you have completed the COPE2Thrive requirements to deliver the program and authorizes you to purchase additional manuals for one year. The license is annually-renewable and must be renewed in order to continue purchasing manuals. At this time, no additional training is required with the renewal. This is NOT a medical, business, regulatory, or government license and does not demonstrate competencies beyond the completion of the minimum requirements established in the instructor training process. It does not authorize or enable the instructor to perform any actions beyond purchasing of student manuals and delivery of the manual-based programs.

Q: Are Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits available for the manual-based COPE training course?

  • Not at this time.