Learn Techniques For Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and Negative Thoughts

Online Self-Help Program For Teens

You Can't Control Trigger Events, But You Can Control Your Responses to Them

Take Control of Your Stress, Anxiety and Negative Thoughts Today!

For less than the cost of just one session with a therapist/counselor ($125-$150/session), the COPE 7-Session Teen Online Program (at only $79) provides 7-sessions of CBT-based education and skills-based activities to teens looking for help with managing stress and anxiety, delivered in the privacy of their home.

Evidence- and CBT-based Self-Help Program

7-Session Teen Online Program

The 7-Session Teen Online is an educational interactive and multi-media 7-week program delivered individually to each student in the privacy of their own home. This self-delivered format is perfect for teens and parents looking for a private, self-paced program to help their teens learn Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)-based skills for coping with stress, anxiety and depression.

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Through a series of brief, easy-to-follow sessions, complete with skills-building activities, the evidence-based COPE Programs convey that there is hope for change, and that both depression and anxiety are treatable. Our programs are being utilized by parents, teens, schools/districts, community counseling/wellness centers, pediatricians, nurse practitioners, and medical centers across the country.



Schools, Healthcare Facilities and other Education/Medical Professionals:

We also have manual-based programs that can be delivered individually or in a group/classroom.


Quotes From COPE Program Users

She will repeat positive things about herself instead of the negative ones she repeated frequently....”

”Anything that helps a teenage girl with her self-image is a help to her mother.”

“She’s more open when needing to talk about her feelings when she’s upset and she asks more questions when she needs help.
— Parents of Teens
It (COPE) made me more confident in myself. It helped me take a second and think about things before I react.”

”I have become more confident in my abilities and not afraid to make a decision.”

”I just want to say thank you for everything. My stress has been easier on me. I still get mad sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to.
— Teens

The Science Behind COPE

The COPE Programs are based on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based skills-building approach that includes reducing negative thoughts, increasing healthy behaviors, and improving communications and problem-solving skills.

When a person learns to COPE in positive ways, the brain lays down new pathways, helping him or her grow new neuronal connections and deal with stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms in healthy ways.

By helping individuals change their thoughts from negative to positive, their feelings and behaviors naturally follow suit. Convincing teens that they can accomplish whatever it is that is important to them reinforces that what their mind believes they can achieve. 

COPE helps them face their fears and take control of their emotions.

Available 24/7, Fits Into Your Life And Schedule

Our Programs Have Been Delivered to Over 8400 Children and Teens in 43 U.S. States

  • Thoughtfully-designed graphics/easy-to-follow narration.

  • Seven 20- to 30-minute sessions (77 lessons/parts).

  • Skills-building activities teach and reinforce the concepts.

  • Interactive component encourages student to try the principles presented and write down their own thoughts and reactions.

  • Year-long, 24/7 subscription (return to review concepts).

  • Evidence-based using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based principles.

  • Session Topics and Sequence

Learn How to COPE For Only $79 (less than $12/session)

The COPE teen online, self-delivered 7-Session skills-building intervention educational program teaches teens (ages 13 - 18 yrs) how to recognize and stop automatic negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts instead using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-related techniques. The result is feeling emotionally better and acting in healthier ways.

The online, self-administered 7-session program is a self-help, cognitive-behavioral skills-building intervention educational program only and is not meant to diagnose or provide treatment for a particular disease or illness. The goal of this educational program is to teach children and teens how to recognize negative thought patterns, and provide cognitive behavioral skills and techniques that can be useful in modifying negative thinking.