College Students

"COPE gave me great advice on how to deal with stress and also what activities to do to relieve stress."

"COPE helped me to think a lot better about myself."

"College is one of the most stressful experiences I've had in my life so far, so it was good to have COPE to help me deal with those stressors." 

"COPE taught me how to stay happy and to use positive self-talk in order to get through difficult situations in my life."

"COPE helped me get through each day."

"COPE has helped me to better understand my anxiety as well as provided me with skills to help control my anxiety and depression."

"The COPE program has given me tools to use throughout the rest of my life. I am calmer and more confident and able to see things in a different light."

"COPE helped me to evaluate my emotions as I had never really done so before. I realized how stressed I was getting over the small things.”

"COPE allowed me to look back and reflect on the way I handled difficult situations. This allowed me to change my attitude for future events.

"I knew that staying positive was important, but I didn't realize how important it was until COPE. The modules forced me to think of positive ways to live my life, which was very helpful.”

"COPE helped me to think a lot better about myself.”


"It (COPE) made me more confident in myself. It helped me take a second and think about things before I react."

"I have become more confident in my abilities and not afraid to make a decision."

"COPE is awesome and it makes a big difference in people's lives more than you can imagine. I think it should be given to many more teenagers."

" I just want to say thank you for everything. My stress has been easier on me. I still get mad sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to."

Parents and Caregivers

"She will repeat positive things about herself instead of the negative ones she repeated frequently when she was placed in my home."

"Anything that helps a teenage girl with her self-image is a help to her mother."

"This program is about preparation for making the right choices in future situations. The great thing about the program is that it really prepares young people for things they haven't faced yet, but are sure to come up."

"She learned a lot about how to handle stressful situations."

"I've seen her be more active and positive.”

“She's more open when needing to talk about her feelings when she's upset and she asks more questions when she needs help."

"Our family went to see the nurse practitioner because we were at a place where we saw our family struggling. It was hurtful to see our child suffer and struggle with every day interactions. After the first visit, we saw hope. Thanks to COPE, our family unit has gained confidence, self-control and she is empowered to function day to day."


“It is very user friendly. A lot of the information we know as PNP's but having it provided in a manual, in an EBM format, with clear guidance and outlines made the delivery very seamless. I know I am giving quality information and help to kids with this program!“

“I loved the ease of using the manual. Everything was right there in black and white; no awkward silence, no trying to figure out what to say next. My pt also liked the ability to hold the manual in his hands and follow along with me.”

“It was easy to deliver with the step-by-step script and activities embedded made it more engaging for both the child and myself.”

“Simple to follow. I like that I was able to adjust the level of depth depending on where the child was in the moment. The manualization of the therapy helped normalized struggles with thought feelings, and behaviors. In other words, having the therapy presented in a manual format let the child know that there are lots of other children struggling with the same kinds of issues.”

“As I was reading p.6 about Leslie - my client, a 12 year girl who is often bullied, began shouting out with enthusiasm: I hear ya Leslie! I feel your pain, and then after each sentence, I’ll be your new friend - I’ll walk with you!”

“The material is so well presented - and I have been doing this a long, long time - another client said: Leslie is just like me! I feel fat and ugly! That’s why I’m here.”


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