Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based (CBT) programs designed to help children, teens and young adults dealing with anxiety, stress and depression by showing them how to develop the skills needed to stop negative thoughts and start thinking and behaving in more positive ways.

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7-Session Manual-Based and Online Self-Administered Programs

COPE 7-session Child Manual/Workbook

COPE 7-session Child Manual/Workbook

This cognitive-behavioral therapy-based skills-building intervention program is designed for:

  • Children (ages 7 to 11)

  • Teens (ages 11 to 18)

  • Teens COPE + Headache Education Program - (ages 11 to 18)

  • Young Adults (ages 18 to 24)

The manual-based 7-session programs can be delivered in K-12 schools, colleges/universities, primary care practices, and healthcare systems in either brief 25- to 30-minute sessions or more traditional 50-minute class sessions by teachers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and social workers who have completed our 7-Session Program Online Instructors Training (included in the program package purchase) and completed a Practice Training Session. Each 7-Session Program purchase gives instructors access to all 7-session manuals (sold separately).

The online, self-administered 7-session program is a self-help, cognitive-behavioral skills-building intervention educational program only and is not meant to diagnose or provide treatment for a particular disease or illness. The goal of this educational program is to teach children and teens how to recognize negative thought patterns, and provide cognitive behavioral skills and techniques that can be useful in modifying negative thinking.

As I was reading p.6 about Leslie - my client, a 12 year girl who is often bullied, began shouting out with enthusiasm: I hear ya Leslie! I feel your pain, and then after each sentence, I’ll be your new friend - I’ll walk with you!
— COPE Instructor

COPE2Thrive Programs are currently only available to residents of the United States.

15-Session Manual-Based Healthy Lifestyles TEEN Program

COPE 15-session TEEN manual/workbook

COPE 15-session TEEN manual/workbook

This manual-based cognitive-behavioral therapy-based skills building (CBSB) healthy lifestyle intervention program is designed for teens (13 to 18 year old) and builds upon the skills learned in the 7-Session Program by including sessions on healthy nutrition and physical activity. The program is designed to be integrated into a student’s health course or taught in group and individual sessions in primary care or specialty care settings. Each 15-Session Program purchase gives instructors access to the 15-session and all 7-session manuals  (sold separately).

Since many teens who are overweight also have low self-esteem as well as heightened depressive and anxiety symptoms, a key innovation in this TEEN (Thinking, Emotions, Exercise, and Nutrition) program is the CBSB, which teaches teens that how they think directly impacts how they feel and how they behave.

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The material is so well presented - and I have been doing this a long, long time - another client said: Leslie is just like me! I feel fat and ugly! That’s why I’m here.
— COPE Instructor

COPE2Thrive Programs are currently only available to residents of the United States and Canada.

Current Instructors: If you have already completed the Instructor Trainer Course and would like to purchase additional manuals for your students, please click here.

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