Student Transitional Year - All-Inclusive Discounted Program Packages

For Public and Private Grade Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges/Universities

Children, teens and young adults face a number of stressful transitional years during their education years. So to help schools quickly train multiple instructors (4) to deliver our programs to larger groups of student (200+) students during these particularly stressful years, COPE2Thrive now provides all-inclusive discounted program packages designed to quickly equip schools with the necessary resources to handle the unique needs of each transitional year. For individual instructor programs focused towards smaller groups of students, go here.

Each all-inclusive program package includes all of the following:

  • Age-appropriate manual-based programs (6th - 12th graders)
  • Online self-delivered programs (8th - 12th graders only)
  • 24/7 online training for four instructors
  • Student manuals/workbooks (in various different formats)
  • Printed student certificates of achievement
  • Admission into the online instructors networking group
  • Color program wall posters for school bulletin boards

Program packages available (click each link for more information):

                  Group Session, Instructor Delivered, Manual Based

                 Group Session, Instructor Delivered, Manual Based

Parents seeking a program that their teen can take online from home should go to this page.