Student Transitional Year - All-Inclusive Program Packages/Bundles

For Public and Private Grade Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges/Universities

Children, teens and young adults face a number of stressful transitional years during their education years. So to help schools quickly train multiple instructors (4) to deliver our programs to larger groups of student (200+) students during these particularly stressful years, COPE2Thrive now provides all-inclusive program packages designed to quickly equip schools with the necessary resources to handle the unique needs of each transitional year.

Important note: These are all-inclusive program packages for training multiple instructors and delivering to larger groups of students. If you are interested in individually-priced instructor programs focused towards smaller groups of students, go here.

Individual manual-based programs are also available starting at $385 (click here for more information).

Each all-inclusive program package/bundle includes all of the following:

  • Age-appropriate manual-based programs (6th - 12th graders)

  • Online self-delivered programs (8th - 12th graders only)

  • 24/7 online training for four instructors

  • Student manuals/workbooks (in various different formats)

  • Printed student certificates of achievement

  • Admission into the online instructors networking group

  • Color program wall posters for school bulletin boards

Program packages available (click each link for more information):

*For three-year middle schools this can serve as a orientation package.

Group Session, Instructor Delivered, Manual Based

Group Session, Instructor Delivered, Manual Based

Important note to Canadian program buyers: Due to the high costs of shipping internationally, hard-copy manuals, posters and certificates are provided only in digital (PDF) format with a limited-printing license, and must be printed at buyers expense for use in the program.

Parents seeking a program that their teen can take online from home should go to this page.