All-Inclusive Program Bundles

For Schools and Healthcare Professionals

COPE2Thrive now offers a variety of all-inclusive program packages/bundles designed to cost-effectively help providers seeking to train multiple instructors and teach larger groups of children and teens how to cope with anxiety during particularly stressful transitional times in their lives. These program packages are currently only available in the United States.

Important note:

  • These are all-inclusive program packages/bundles for training multiple instructors and delivering to larger groups of students.

  • For individually-priced manual-based programs focused towards smaller groups of students/patients and priced from $385/program package, go here.

Currently available all-inclusive program bundles (Canadian buyers, see note below):

For Public and Private Grade Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Universities: Children, teens and young adults face a number of stressful transitional years during their 6th - 12th grade education years. To help schools quickly implement and deliver our programs to students during these particularly stressful years, COPE2Thrive now provides all-inclusive program packages/bundles designed to quickly equip schools with the resources to handle the unique needs of each transitional year.

For Universities, Primary Care Practices, Healthcare Systems: COPE2Thrive now has available an all-inclusive program package/bundle designed to give healthcare professionals a cost-effective method of utilizing a variety of COPE2Thrive products to determine which best serves the needs of their patients/clients.

Create-Your-Own All-Inclusive Bundle: Complete and submit this form to receive a quote for a package that suits your specific needs.

To purchase individual programs only (no bundling of products) go here.

Program delivery solutions when resources (staff, time, etc.) are limited (international buyers, see note below):

For Schools, Primary Care Practices, Healthcare Systems: Our 7-Session Teen Online is an interactive self-help educational program delivered directly to students/patients via an internet-connected (WiFi recommended) device (computer, tablet, cell phone) at your school/facility or in the privacy of their home. This program can serve as an effective supplemental or stand-alone solution when resources (staff, time, etc.) are limited or not available. Multiple access codes can easily be purchased and distributed to supplement students/patients current classes or treatment programs, or to serve as a stand-alone self-delivered CBT-based program offering.

Important note to international program buyers: Due to the high costs of shipping internationally, hard-copy manuals, posters and certificates are provided only in digital (PDF) format with a limited-printing license, and must be printed at buyers expense for use in the program.