Healthcare Professionals - Introductory Discounted All-Inclusive Program Package

For Primary Care Professionals/Practices and Healthcare Systems

COPE2Thrive now has available a discounted all-inclusive program package designed to give healthcare professionals a cost-effective method of utilizing a variety of COPE2Thrive products to determine which best serves the needs of their patients/clients.

This  package includes all program delivery training and materials required for one medical professional to deliver the COPE2Thrive manual-based program to 25 children or teens and our online self-delivered program for three teens. Program instructor training typically takes less than five hours to complete and materials are delivered upon completion of training (and receipt of payment).

For individual program packages focused towards smaller groups of patients, go here.

The package includes all of the following:

Discounted Price: $870 (priced separately: $1022)

Additional program packages and manuals available at regular prices.

870.00 1,022.00
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                    7-Session Teen Student Manual

                   7-Session Teen Student Manual

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