Healthcare Professionals - Introductory All-Inclusive Program Package

For Primary Care Professionals/Practices and Healthcare Systems

COPE2Thrive now has available an all-inclusive program package designed to give healthcare professionals a cost-effective method of utilizing a variety of COPE2Thrive products to determine which best serves the needs of their patients/clients.

This  package includes all program delivery training and materials required for one medical professional to deliver the COPE2Thrive manual-based program to 25 children or teens and our online self-delivered program for three teens. Program instructor training typically takes less than five hours to complete and materials are delivered upon completion of training (and receipt of payment).

Important note: These are all-inclusive program packages for training multiple instructors and delivering to larger groups of students. If you are interested in individually-priced instructor programs focused towards smaller groups of students/patients, go here.

The all-inclusive, introductory package includes all of the following:

Discounted Price: $870 (priced separately: $1022)

Additional program packages and manuals available at regular prices.

870.00 1,022.00
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7-Session Teen Student Manual

7-Session Teen Student Manual

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