Evidence-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Schools

Through a series of brief, easy-to-follow sessions, complete with skills-building activities, the evidence-based COPE Programs convey that there is hope for change, and that both depression and anxiety are treatable. COPE recognizes that we can't control trigger events, but we can control our responses to them. Our programs teach students how to use CBT-based learning skills to cope with anxiety, stress and depression.

Our manual-based programs are delivered by school teachers and other school professionals to students using standardized, age-focused student manuals. Program packages start at $385/instructor and include online instructor training (available 24/7) and five hard-copy student manuals. Programs are designed to be “taught-from-the book”, enabling a wide range of school personnel to deliver the programs.

Our CBT-based online program is delivered directly to students without the need for an instructor using an interactive custom web-based platform accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. The online program is only $79/student and is accessible 24/7.

Cost Effective Investment and Fast Implementation

With program instructor training completely online (available 24/7) which can be completed in about 3 hours, and program student manuals as low as $5 each (print-your-own option), our manual-based programs are a very cost-effective way to provide evidence- and CBT-based coping skills to your students.

Public and Private Middle Schools, High Schools, Districts, Colleges/Universities

COPE2Thrive provides all-inclusive evidence-based programs (including instructor training and materials) delivered using standardized student manuals and concepts, ensuring that all components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are covered with students despite any differences in a instructors' background, experience or method of delivery.

We offer two cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)-based, instructor-delivered programs (7- and 15-session) that are easily delivered (using age-focused student manual/workbook) by counselors, school nurses, and many teachers to students in either one-on-one or group sessions at primary and secondary schools, and colleges/universities.

Great Tool for High School College Preparation Classes

Our programs are a great tool for preparing high school students to handle the stresses of college, ensuring a smoother transition and facilitating academic success.

Programs can be implemented (including instructor training) and provided to five students for as little as $385.

Our evidence-based programs can be implemented (including instructor training) and provided to five students for as little as $385. Programs include all program materials, training for one instructor/teacher and five hard-copy student manuals/workbooks (additional manuals/workbooks available separately).

COPE2Thrive Online and Manual-based Programs have been delivered to over 9200 children and teens in 45 U.S. states and Canada.

Group Classroom-based Program Delivery Option

Group Classroom-based Program Delivery Option

Evidence Based

Low Implementation Cost

Simple to Deliver - Taught From the Book

Instructor Training Included

Easily Integrated with Existing Curriculum

Deliverable in One-on-One or Group Sessions

Individual Student Manuals (ages 7-24)

The COPE2Thrive CBT- and manual-based 7- and 15-session programs are designed to be "taught from the manual", so they can be delivered by counselors, teachers, school nurses, etc. to students in either one-on-one or classroom-based group sessions. All instructor training is available online, 24/7 and can be completed in only a few hours. The programs can be easily integrated into existing curriculum or serve as a stand-alone program. 

One-on-One Program Delivery Option

One-on-One Program Delivery Option

Programs are available for a wide range of age groups:

  • Children (ages 7-11): 7-Session Manual-based, Instructor-delivered Program

  • Teens (ages 11-18): 7-Session Manual-based, Instructor-delivered Program; 15-Session Healthy Lifestyles Manual-based, Instructor-delivered Health and Wellness Program; 7-Session, Self-delivered Program

  • Young Adults (ages 18-24): 7-Session Manual-based, Instructor-delivered Program

Program instructor training time is minimal (about 3 hours), and costs for the required student manuals can be passed on to participants (partially or fully) if desired.

Print-Your-Own Student Manuals Option

An Economical Option for Classroom-based Delivery

A Print-Your-Own Student Manuals option is now available for larger schools/districts/providers (minimum 200/type , i.e. 7-session, Children, 7-Session Teen, etc., student manuals and additional manuals must be purchased in groups of 200) that provides a 75% savings off the printed manual price (contact us for further details).

Public and private middle schools, high schools and districts in eleven states have utilized or are piloting the programs to help their students learn cognitive-behavioral therapy-based techniques for coping with stress (7-session program) and making healthy exercise/nutrition decisions (15-session program).

Sample Pages From Currently Available Student Manuals/Workbooks

7-Session Children Student Manual

7-Session Children Student Manual

7-Session Teen Student Manual

7-Session Teen Student Manual

7-Session Young Adult Manual

7-Session Young Adult Manual

15-Session TEEN Student Manual

15-Session TEEN Student Manual

7-Session Teen Headache  Education (HEP) Student Manual

7-Session Teen Headache

Education (HEP) Student Manual

7-Session Teen  Student Manual - Spanish

7-Session Teen

Student Manual - Spanish

7-Session Young Adult  Student Manual - Spanish

7-Session Young Adult

Student Manual - Spanish

15-Session TEEN  Student Manual - Spanish

15-Session TEEN

Student Manual - Spanish

New! Student Transitional Year - All-Inclusive Program Packages/Bundles

For Public and Private Grade Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools

Children, teens and young adults face a number of stressful transitional stages during their K-12 education years. To help schools quickly implement and deliver our programs to students during these particularly stressful years, COPE2Thrive now also provides all-inclusive program packages designed to quickly equip schools with the resources needed to handle the unique needs of each transitional year (includes online instructor training for four school personnel and manuals for over 200 students).

For those who prefer building their own package, individual programs are still available.

Parents: Are you looking for a self-delivered, online program that your teen can take from home?

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