COPE2Thrive Program Delivery - United States and Canada

Our online and  instructor-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and evidence-based programs are designed to help children and teens cope with anxiety, stress and depression by showing them how to develop the skills needed to stop negative thoughts and start thinking and behaving in more positive ways.

  • The 7-Session online and manual-based programs provide support for children and teens using brief, easy-to-follow sessions, complete with skills-building activities, that convey that there is hope for change, and that both depression and anxiety are manageable.

  • The 15-Session TEEN (Thinking, Emotions, Exercise, and Nutrition) manual-based program builds upon the skills learned in the 7-Session Teen Program by including sessions on healthy nutrition and physical activity, helping overweight teens coping with low self-esteem and heightened depressive and anxiety symptoms.

Over 1350 trained instructors, and our online and manualized programs have been delivered to over 10,500 children and teens in 45 U.S. states and Canada.


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