Back-to-School Anxiety

Online educational and instructor-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based (CBT) programs designed to help children and teens cope with anxiety, stress and depression.


Helping Your Middle/High School Teen Cope With Anxiety and Stress

Returning to school after a long summer can create a great deal of anxiety and stress for children and teens.  While these feelings are very common, especially if they are starting a new school or entering a new grade, they can have a wide variety of both positive and negative effects.

For some, the excitement of seeing old friends, participating in sporting events, learning new things and being one step closer to graduating is a happy experience. But for others, anxiety from past negative experiences, fear of being judged by their classmates, perceptions of not fitting in, and pressure to get good grades can weigh heavily on their minds and make it difficult to function effectively.

Whether your teens' stress is a result of back-to-school anxiety or from some other source, the COPE programs are designed to help.

College Preparation: Our online program is a great tool for preparing high school students to handle the stresses of college, ensuring a smoother transition and facilitating academic success.

Discover COPE Teen Online

The COPE 7-session Teen Online program is an educational program designed to help teens (13 - 18 yrs old) dealing with anxiety, stress and depression by showing them how to develop the skills needed to stop negative thoughts and start thinking and behaving in more positive ways.

COPE recognizes that we can't always control events, but we can control our responses to them. For less than the cost of just one session with a therapist, the COPE Program teaches children and teens how to recognize and stop automatic negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts instead. The result is feeling emotionally better and behaving in healthy ways.

Middle school students - back to school anxiety

Middle school students - back to school anxiety

Thoughtfully designed graphics and easy-to-follow narration illustrate key points in each of the seven 20- to 30-minute sessions, and teens are encouraged to try out the principles presented and write down their own thoughts and reactions using the interactive component.

Each session takes only about 20- to 30-minutes per week for seven weeks (2.5 - 3.5 hours to complete the entire 7-session program) and each session can be reviewed as many times as desired during the year-long subscription to reinforce the concepts.

For less than the cost of just one session with a therapist/counselor ($125-$150/session), the COPE 7-Session Teen Online Program (at only $79) provides 7-sessions of CBT-based education and skills-based activities to teens looking for help with managing stress and anxiety, delivered in the privacy of their home.

The online, self-administered 7-session program is a self-help, cognitive-behavioral skills-building intervention educational program only and is not meant to diagnose or provide treatment for a particular disease or illness. The goal of this educational program is to teach children and teens how to recognize negative thought patterns, and provide cognitive behavioral skills and techniques that can be useful in modifying negative thinking.

She’s more open when needing to talk about her feelings when she’s upset and she asks more questions when she needs help.
— Parent

For only $79* (less than $12 per session), COPE 7-Session Teen Online is priced to be affordable and designed to be easily accessible from a computer, laptop, tablet or WiFi-connected smart phone. For less than the cost of a movie ticket each month, you can empower your child with concepts that they can use to recognize and manage negative emotions and think in more positive ways.

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Other Programs Available

We also offer manual-based, instructor-delivered Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-based skills-building intervention programs for:

  • children (ages 7 to 11 years old)

  • teens (ages 11 to 18 years old)

These can be delivered in primary care, school-based clinics and mental health settings in either brief 25- to 30-minute sessions or more traditional 50-minute class sessions by trained instructors who have completed our training.

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