When Faced With Stress, Depression and Anxiety, Everyone Needs Help to COPE

The COPE Programs are based on a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy-based skills-building approach that includes reducing negative thoughts, increasing healthy behaviors, and improving communications and problem-solving skills.

Through a series of brief, easy-to-follow interactive online self-delivered sessions, complete with skills-building activities, the 7-Session Teen Online Program conveys to teens that there is hope for change, and that both depression and anxiety are manageable.

Help your teen develop CBT-based skills they can use to cope with stress and anxiety in their current life and into the future.

Learn CBT-based Coping Skills to Manage Current and Future Challenges

The 7-Session Teen Online can be a great gift for:

  • middle-school graduates transitioning to high school.

  • high school freshman entering a new school.

  • high school seniors transitioning to college/university or job market.

  • teens trying to cope with daily stressful life/school/social events and challenges.

  • teens equipping themselves with the tools to handle future life challenges (life skills training).

Teen Online Program Gift Certificates Are Now Available

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Gift certificates for the 7-Session Teen Online Program are now available (ideal for parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.).

To order, select the Gift Certificate option in the Program Order Form.


  • Program access expires one year from date of purchase.

  • No refunds for unused access codes/program utilization.

  • Gift certificates are non-transferable and have no cash value.

  • Program is designed for teens 13 - 18 years of age.

  • Available to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

Give the Gift of COPE For Only $79 (less than $12/session)

For less than the cost of just one session with a therapist/counselor ($125-$150/session), the COPE 7-Session Teen Online Program provides 7-sessions of CBT-based education and skills-based activities to teens looking for help with managing stress and anxiety, and delivered to them in the privacy of their home.

The COPE 7-Session Teen Online educational program teaches teens (ages 13 - 18) cognitive behavioral therapy-related techniques for recognizing and stopping automatic negative thoughts and replacing them with positive thoughts.

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