What COPE Provides

Today’s best value to promote mental health and healthy behaviors

In the stressful world we live in, the rates of depression and anxiety—especially in children, teens and young adults —are growing at exponential rates. With long waiting lists for mental health specialists who on average cost $150 per one-hour session, and fewer than 25% of individuals getting the help they need, COPE is a great evidence-based solution to get children, teens and young adults on the road to health, happiness and healthy behaviors.

And clinicians from several states are implementing the 7-session manual-based COPE programs for children, teens and young adults who are anxious and depressed and receiving insurance reimbursement with the 99214 code.

Instructor delivering manual-based program

Instructor delivering manual-based program

In addition:

  • COPE promotes self-control and mastery.
  • Teens can get started in active management right away.
  • COPE instills hope; positive outcomes are expected.
  • COPE is empowering, and helps promote self-regulation.
  • COPE helps in alleviating participants' anxiety since it makes it clear what the user can expect.

COPE Programs Available

Which Programs are Designed for Me?


Children - ages 7 - 11

Teens - ages 13 - 18

Young Adults - ages 18 - 24


Healthcare professionals, including nurse practioners, physicians, nurses and physician assistants, social workers, other mental health/wellness professionals, and school teachers


Note: The online, self-administered 7-session program is a self-help, cognitive-behavioral skills-building intervention educational program only and is not meant to diagnose or provide treatment for a particular disease or illness. The goal of this educational program is to teach teens how to recognize negative thought patterns, and provide cognitive behavioral skills and techniques that can be useful in modifying negative thinking.

News: COPE Healthy Lifestyles TEEN Selected by National Cancer Institute

  • After rigorous review, the COPE Healthy Lifestyles TEEN program has been selected for inclusion in the National Cancer Institute's Research Tested Interventions Program initiative as an obesity/cancer control intervention (see http://rtips.cancer.gov/rtips/programDetails.do?programId=22686590).
  • RTIPs is a “searchable database of cancer control interventions and program materials and is designed to provide program planners and public health practitioners easy and immediate access to research-tested materials.”
  • Findings at six and 12 months following the intervention from the clinical trial that tested the COPE TEEN program with 779 high school teens indicated that teens who received COPE versus an attention control program had significantly higher physical activity, higher social skills, higher academic competence and grades, less alcohol use and less overweight/obesity. Further, teens with severe depressive symptoms at baseline had symptoms in the normal range 12 months after the intervention compared to attention control teens whose symptoms remained elevated (see article of finding in Journal of School Healthhttp://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/josh.12342/abstract).
National Cancer Institute's Research Tested Interventions - COPE 15-Session TEEN Program

National Cancer Institute's Research Tested Interventions - COPE 15-Session TEEN Program