Online 7-Session Self-Delivered Program for Teens

Common Teen Stressors and Symptoms

The COPE 7-Session Teen Online Program teaches Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based techniques for coping with stress and anxiety from common stressors and resulting stress-related symptoms.

Common Teen Stressors

Common Teen Symptoms


Weight management

Holidays/ family events

Back-to-school/grade transition

Moving/new school

Schoolwork/grades/academic performance

Sports-related events and performance

Relationships with friends and parents

Divorce/family disruption/new family

Pressure to succeed/fear of failure

Peer pressure/acceptance

Family loss or tragedy

Friend or classmate loss

Romantic breakups

Sleep disturbances

Social withdrawal

Conduct disorders



Fear and anxiety

School attendance issues

Avoiding friends and family/events




Change in appetite

Feeling of hopelessness, sadness

Lack of control

Low self esteem

General and social anxiety