COPE 7-Session Manual-based Program - Multiple Purchases


COPE 7-Session Manual-based Program - Multiple Purchases

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Each attendee receives the following:

  • A one-year (renewable) Program Delivery License issued to each attendee who completes the two-step training/licensing process
  • A digital (PDF) copy of the 7-session Instructors Manual*
  • The COPE Instructors Online Training Module*. This training module (and a Practice Training Session) must be successfully completed in order to deliver the COPE Program and purchase manuals. This training, including final assessment, is about 2.5 hours long.
  • One digital (PDF) copy of the Child and Teen Student manuals* (license permits ONE copy of each to be printed)
  • Five 7-session Child or Teen Student Manuals (to use in your program)
  • Follow-up phone consultation with a COPE trainer (as needed)

* These are sent as a single PDF Portfolio to each attendee's email after payment is received. 

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