Annual Program Renewal - Delivery License

The COPE Manual-based Program Delivery License must be renewed each year to continue utilizing the program. However, no additional training is required. Instructors that were trained prior to March 1, 2015 do not require any further licensing to deliver the course.

We offer two choices for renewing your annual license. Either option (you only need to select one) will allow you to continue to deliver the COPE programs and purchase student manuals for another year:

1.       Payment of the $250 annual renewal fee (

2.       Purchase of 30 COPE Hard-copy Student Manuals ( 

Once your license renewal payment or manual order has been received, an updated Certificate of Completion will be sent to you.

Thank you for selecting the COPE2Thrive programs and becoming a member of our COPE Family of Instructors. We hope that you will continue bringing the programs to children and teens with anxiety and depressive disorders that do not receive any evidence-based treatment.