Student Manuals/Workbooks

All COPE Programs (except the online version) utilize a set of customized COPE Manuals/Workbooks for each student that contain all of the training materials and assignments. Additional COPE Manuals can be purchased by teachers, nurses, doctors, psychologists, counselors, and social workers who have purchased a COPE manual-based program and are licensed to deliver the programs.

Sample pages from 7-Session Teen Manual/Workbook

Sample pages from 15-Session TEEN Manual/Workbook

Students will be writing answers in the workbooks and retaining them for future reference, so each student needs a separate manual. The same manual is used across all sessions of the applicable program.

Hard-copy manuals/workbooks are professionally printed and include a clear plastic front and sturdy black back cover. Each book is bound with a metal spiral coil binding that allows it to be laid flat and provides the student easy access to all pages.

COPE Student Manual/Workbook

COPE Student Manual/Workbook

Hard-Copy Student Manual Pricing*:

COPE Child 7-Session Manual: $20 (only $2.86 per session)

COPE Teen 7-Session Manual: $20  (only $2.86 per session)

COPE  + HEP Teen 7-Session Manual: $25 (only $3.58 per session)

COPE Young Adult Manual: $20 (only $2.86 per session)

COPE Teen 15-Session Manual: $32 (only $2.13 per session)

* plus applicable tax and shipping costs.

One manual is required for each student. The same manual is used across all sessions, so the per-session cost for each manual is less than $3 (7-session) and about $2 (15-session). To improve durability, all student manuals are spiral bound. 

All manuals are copyrighted material. Any unauthorized copying, duplication or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

To order manuals, click on the link below:


  1. Manuals can only be purchased by COPE trained and licensed instructors.
  2. All new manual orders go through a on-time verification process to ensure eligibility.
  3. If re-ordering, follow the link provided in your response email to avoid repeating the verification eligibility process.

Large Quantity Discounts for Schools and Facilities

Contact us for discounted pricing on quantities of 200 or more student manuals.