COPE2Thrive Instructors Networking Group - Membership Request Form

In response to a number of requests last year from current instructors seeking to communicate with other current instructors on real-world program delivery and implementation issues/experiences, and to provide a resource for new program instructors seeking program-delivery advice from experienced instructors, we have set up an Instructor's Networking Group through Facebook. You must have a Facebook page in order to become a member of the group.

To receive an email invitation to join our Instructors Networking Group on Facebook, please complete and submit the form below.

I am a currently-licensed (eligibility to participate will be verified) manual-based COPE2Thrive program instructor and would like to receive an email invitation to join the Instructors Networking Group on Facebook (this group is not visible to non-members and is by invitation only).

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COPE2Thrive LLC is providing this Instructor's Networking Group to facilitate the exchange of program delivery-related information between currently-licensed COPE2Thrive manual-based program instructors. COPE2Thrive LLC is not liable for the content, quality, or accuracy of statements made and information exchanged between participants. Please do not share an patient or company confidential information.