Upgrade - Manual-based 15-Session Program

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Cope 15-Session Lifestyles Front Page - border.jpg

Upgrade - Manual-based 15-Session Program

65.00 450.00

COPE Manual-based 15-Session Program Upgrade (this upgrade is only available to previous purchasers of the COPE Manual-based 7-Session who have completed the 7-Session training).

Please note that this upgrade DOES NOT include the five 15-Session HARD COPY student manuals available when purchasing the entire program. These can be ordered separately. 

This upgrade is for an additional one-hour phone-based consultation for the eight Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity Modules, and includes:

- Teachers Handbook pdf (license allows one copy to be printed)

-  Instructors Presentation Slides pdf

- Parent Newsletters pdf

- Fidelity Checklist pdf

Previously-trained instructors DO NOT need to re-view the online training video, complete the quiz, or complete another Practice Deliver session.

A COPE2Thrive representative will contact you by email with instructions on how to receive the additional training.

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