Middle School Orientation Package

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Cope 7-session Teen Front Page - border.jpg

Middle School Orientation Package

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Important note to Canadian program buyers: Due to the high costs of shipping internationally, hard-copy manuals, posters and certificates are provided only in digital (PDF) format with a limited-printing license, and must be printed at buyers expense for use in the program.

Each 7th Grade Middle School Orientation Package includes the following:

  • Four manual-based 7-session programs (for children, teen and young adult)

  • Online training for four instructors (available 24/7)

  • Program delivery license for four instructors (no renewal required)

  • Twenty 7-session child or teen student manuals/workbooks (hard copy version)

  • Two hundred 7-session child or teen student manuals/workbooks (print-your-own PDF version)

  • Fifty printed student certificates of achievement (additional certificates can be printed from our website)

  • Four online instructors networking support group entries

  • Five program wall posters for school bulletin boards

  • Hard-copy materials available only to U.S. -based customers. Buyers outside the U.S. will receive digital versions of hard-copy materials.

  • A link will be sent to the email included in the order form with instructions for downloading a PDF file with additional details on your order.

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