COPE 7-Session Teen Online Program Registration Form - Multiple Students

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COPE 7-Session Teen Online Program Registration Form - Multiple Students

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Use this form to order multiple Online COPE 7-Session Teen Programs at the same time.

To purchase multiple online programs:

1. Select the number of programs desired in each group (max 20).

2. For more than 20 programs, select multiple groups (Quantity).

(Select 1 to purchase only those programs in the Group)


  • Program access is available for one year from the date of purchase.

  • Access codes are single-user only, so cannot be shared or applied more than once.

  • Each user must purchase a separate access code and use a different email address.

  • This is an 'interactive' program requiring students to input information. So once purchased, access to each online program requires a different email address and password as a 'unique identifier' in order to maintain confidentiality.

  • You must be 13-years of age or older and live in the United States or Canada to access this program.

  • This is designed to be a seven-week program. To receive the most benefits, please follow the seven-week schedule.

  • The online, self-administered 7-session program is a self-help, cognitive-behavioral skills-building intervention educational program only and is not meant to diagnose or provide treatment for a particular disease or illness.

  • The goal of this educational program is to teach children and teens how to recognize negative thought patterns, and provide cognitive behavioral skills and techniques that can be useful in modifying negative thinking.

Access Codes and instructions for attending the program will be sent via email following receipt of payment (please allow 24 hours for processing).

Number of Programs in Group (max 20):
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